When I was training to ride a motorcycle, my instructor told me that when riding a motorcycle to control the direction effectively requires that rider looks exactly where they want to go and relax - and let the bike steer itself. This could be said for following the right path in life; to focus on the truth, peace and love will lead to an overall positive life. Alternatively, embracing lies, creating trouble and problems for people - for whatever reason - will lead to and overall negative life (not only for those responsible). Simply put: If you are concentrating on the gutter, you'll end up in the gutter! It pays to keep your head up looking forward for the better!

Mean Weed

A young family agree to buy a house without inspecting the house before completing purchase, when they move in they discover that they have a problem with a large weed growing throughout the centre of the house. Long roots anchor the relentless weed deep underground, impossible it seems to remove it for good. All family members attempted to remove the weed in anger many, many times. Because the roots were so established it meant that the weed kept growing back. A neighbour saw that the family was struggling, and offered help. They had a similar problem themselves and had tackled this very problem successfully. They shared their experience with their new neighbours and they listened with intent. Impatiently, the settlers attacked the weed with vengeance - kicking and chopping it with knives and sticks. Until momma settler remembered that the roots were the essential part of the weed that needed removing, and that would take time and skilful resolve. She applied the solution from their g